Special Course Forms

Special course forms can be obtained from the Center for Appalachian Studies Office. These forms are used for:

  • Independent Study (AS 3500, AS 5500)
  • Individual Study (Any current course number of a course that is taken during a semester when it is not offered.)
  • Graduate Research hours (AS 5989)
  • Masters Thesis hours (AS 5999)

After the form has been filled out and signed by the chairperson or director it must be taken to the Advising Office in D.D. Doughtery for the "Deans" signature. (If it is a graduate course, the form must then be taken to the Graduate School for signature.) Then the form is ready to be taken to the Registrar's Office for enrollment in the course.

For more detailed information on Special Course Forms see the Registrar's website

Independent Study Instructions

Special Course Form: Obtain form in AS office. Fill out your full name and e-mail address in the appropriate spaces. Form must be signed by the Center Director or Program Director.

Download the Independent Study Form from the College of Arts and Sciences site

In the appropriate spaces:

  1. fill out the appropriate lines
  2. the signature of your instructor and the Center Director or Program Director is required
  3. your instructor will determine the requirements of the independent study and fill out the independent study outline on the second page
  4. your signature is required on the second page

Make a copy of the Special Course Form and the Independent Study Form for the Appalachian Studies Office, a copy for yourself, and supply a copy to your instructor.

Take the entire package to the Advising Office in the DD Dougherty building for signature; if it is a graduate course, then to the Graduate School located in room 232, John E. Thomas (JET) building; then to the Registrar's Office (also in JET), room 134 or 109.

Internship Instructions - see your faculty supervisor

For all Appalachian Studies students, a presentation is required at the conclusion of the internship. Please contact the program office to schedule your presentation and reserve a room.

Other Forms