Graduate Theses 1982-2015


Edward Joseph Cabbell

References and Resources on Black Appalachians: A Bibliography on "Auxiliary" Southern Highlands

Mentor: Patricia Beaver



Mary Jane Putzel

Changes in Traditional Appalachian Family Patterns Brought about by Socioeconomic Changes

Mentor: Patricia Beaver



Elizabeth Collins Stevens

Economic Development and Cultural Values in Appalachia: The Case of Christmas Tree Growers in Avery County, North Carolina

Mentor: Susan E. Keefe



Stanley Marc Sherrod

Asleep in Jesus: Death Rituals in Southern Appalachia

Mentor: Susan E. Keefe



Dwight David Vanhoy

Evolution of Funeral Practices in Grayson and Ashe Counties

Mentor: John Alexander Williams



William Russell Schumann, III

Between Class and Subjectivity: A Case Study of Grassroots Resistance in Rural Southern Appalachia

Mentor: C. David Sutton


Kathryn Lynn Staley 

Between Two Worlds: African-Americans in Antebellum Wilkes County

Mentor: Patricia Beaver


Nancy Meador Collins

Experimental Novel Entitled Palms of Victory

Mentor: Patricia Beaver


David N. Cozzo

Herb Gatherers and Root Diggers of North-Western North Carolina

Mentor: Patricia Beaver




Logan Brown

An Historical Examination of Tourism Marketing Imagery in Western North Carolina and its Impact on Cultural Interpretation of the Landscape

Mentor: Ute Jamrozy




Britt T. Long

A White Man's Indian Reservation: Economic Marginalization in the Southern Appalachian Coal Fields

Mentor: Jerry Williamson




Sarah Parker Poteete

By Their Own Agency: A Medical History of Ashe County, North Carolina

Mentor: Patricia Beaver


Sarah Suzanne Savell

Building Community From Within: The Story of The Riverview Community Center

Mentor: Patricia Beaver




Cassie Marta Robinson

"Them Ol' Love Songs": The Ballad and Country Music Tradition of Earl Silvers, From Green Mountain, North Carolina

Mentor: Patricia Beaver


Eddie L. Huffman

"I Love to Hear Those Old Hymns Played on the Violin": A Documentation and Analysis of the Secular Instrumental Music and Old Baptist Hymn Singing of Jack McGinnis

Mentor: Fred Hay




Ruth Ellen Blakeney

Blue Ridge Women In Agriculture: Resistance and Persistence of the Small Farmer in Northwestern North Carolina

Mentor: Christof den Biggelaar


Jamie Gail Butcher

History and Ethnography of the Allen School, Asheville, North Carolina, 1885 to 1974

Mentor: Patricia Beaver


Vickie Hayes

The Ballad of Mary Jane

Mentor:Patricia Beaver


Sharon Delaine Pritchard Price

"Dovie": A Creative Exploration of the Effects of the Economy and Progress on One Woman's Life in Post Civil War Appalachia Prior to World War II

Mentor: Sandra Ballard


James Robert Veteto

The History and Survival of Traditional Heirloom Vegetable Varieties and Strategies for the Conservation of Crop Biodiversity in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina

Mentor: Christoffel den Biggelaar




Alice Wilson

The Fragility of Small Farming: Neoliberal Logic and Globalization in Valle Crucis, North Carolina

Mentor: Christoffel den Biggelaar


Rebecca Jane Baird

Not Another Hillbilly Salvation: Reading Welfare Assessment as Confession in Five Appalachian Counties

Mentor: Kim Hall


Elizabeth McCutchen Williams

Critical Edition of "Travel in the Mountains-The Survey" Chapter IV From the Life and Work of John Charles Campbell by Olive Dame Campbell

Mentor: John Alexander Williams




Philip A. Jamison

The Southern Appalachian Square Dance: African-American Influence on European-American Dance in Appalachia

Mentor: Fred Hay




Jennifer Lynn Cohen-Jordan

Women's Work: The Intersection of Women's Coal Mining Activism in Appalachia and Gender construction

Mentor: Bradley Nash, Jr.


Carl David Jenkins

Appalachian Rural Homelessness: The Case of Watauga County, North Carolina

Mentor: Susan E. Keefe


Susan Graham Pepper

"A Whistling Girl and a Crowing Hen Always come to Some Bad End: The Singing Traditions of Three Western North Carolina Women: Hazel Rhymer, Pearl Hicks and Zora Walker

Mentor: Patricia Beaver


Emily A. Schaad

Cherishing Tradition: Styles and Repertoires of Benton Flippen, Clyde Davenport, and Chester McMillian

Mentor: Patricia Beaver




Jon M. Hill

Tradition and Innovation: Doc Watson and the Folk Revival 1960-1964

Mentor: Fred J. Hay


Zachary David Fulbright

High Lonesome Sound Defined: Examining the Music of Bill Monroe 1945-1948

Mentor: Gary Boye


Anna Rachel Terman

Rural Feminist community Development in Appalachia: The High Rocks Model

Mentor: Patricia Beaver


David Henderson Wood

"That Ain't Old-Time": The Shifting Ambassadorship of Appalachian Old-Time Music

Mentor: Fred J. Hay


Connie Aiken

Representation of Work Experiences within the Poetry of Four Contemporary Southern Appalachian Poets

Mentor:Sandra Ballard


Danielle Erin Rector

Study of Three Contemporary Southern Appalachian Poets

Mentor: Thomas McGowan




Meredith Abigail Doster

The Evolution of Sacred Music and Its Rituals in Watauga County, North Carolina: A Comparison of Congregational Song in Two Independent Missionary Baptist Churches

Mentor: James Goff


Seaton Patrick Tarrant

Collaboration in Communities of Difference

Mentor: Jefferson Boyer


Lisa Baldwin

Jack, Alive and Well on Beech Mountain in Western North Carolina: The Cultural Traditions of Ted Hicks

Mentor: Fred Hay




Shannon Perry

This is How We Do: Living and Learning in an Appalachian Experimental Music Scene

Mentor: Fred Hay


Ashley Brewer

Get On Board, Children: The Story of Integration in Yancey County, North Carolina

Mentor: Patricia Beaver


Tracy Jarrell

The Cultural History and Future of Sheep Farming in the High Country

Mentor: Christoffel den Biggelaar




Jonathan Buchanan

The Story of Burley Tobacco Farming in Bethel, Watauga County, North Carolina: Cultural Meanings and Economic Impacts

Mentor: Sue Keefe


Trevor McKenzie

"Robin Hood of the Blue Ridge": The Life, Legend, and Songs of Otto Wood, the Bandit

Mentor: Bruce Stewart


April Leigh Walters

Appalachian Animals on Our Mind: A Survey of Human-Animal Relationships in Appalachian Literature

Mentor: Katherine Ledford


Donna Corriher

Dear Johnny Depp, Will You Please Buy the State of West Virginia? Autoethnography of an Appalachian Woman

Mentor: Patricia Beaver




Annmarie Anglim (Undergraduate Honors Thesis)

Midwifery in the Mountains: Lisa Goldstein's Care of Appalachian Women and Their Families in Western North Carolina

Mentor: Phoebe Pollitt


Jordan Laney

Notions of Nation: Exploring the Bluegrass Nation as an Imagined Community

Mentor: Nancy S. Love


Kathryn Engle

To Lend-A-Hand: A History and Analysis of the Lend-A-Hand Center in the Stinking Creek Community of Knox County, Kentucky

Mentor: Bradley Nash, Jr.


Aaron Lancaster

Chasing the Good Ol' Boys and Girls of Wilkes County, North Carolina

Mentor: Bruce Stewart


Billy Ward, II

A Socio-Cultural and Economic Impact Study of Johnson County, Tennessee's Green Bean Industry

Mentor: Patricia Beaver




Brittany Hicks

Exploring "Nostalgia for the Future": A History of the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia

Mentor: Laura Ammon




Melanie Harsha

"These Signs Shall Follow": Endangered Pentecostal Practices in Appalachia

Mentor: Laura Ammon


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