Emma Parrish

Undergraduate institution, year, and major 
Hastings College (Hastings, Nebraska)- 2015- English and History

Concentration in our program (culture and music or sustainability) 
Culture and music

Area(s) of research interest 
Folklore, fiber arts, literature

Why Appalachian studies? 
I did not grow up in Appalachia, but my family history is here, and I have always been interested in learning more about my roots. Appalachian Studies is a unique field because it incorporates so many disciplines and there are endless opportunities to create a personalized study. Appalachian Studies feels more community-driven and active than any other program I've been a part of.

Why did you choose Appalachian State University for your graduate education? 
Coming from a small liberal-arts college, I was drawn to the small, close-knit department. There is a special relationship between students and faculty that might not be as strong in other departments. At Appalachian State University, I really feel like I am a part of something, and everyone helps everyone to succeed.

Department: Appalachian Studies

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