Rebecca Anne Beyer, '18

Undergraduate institution, year, and major 
University of Vermont, 2009, Plant and Soil Science

Concentration in our program (culture and music or sustainability) 

Area(s) of research interest 
I am interested in the folklore, history and current uses of plants in Appalachian culture. I focus on reviving old wild food, crafting, and wood carving practices.

Topic of thesis and/or description of internship(s)
My thesis focuses on the role of place-based study and the continued relevance of ethnobotany in the rural economies of Appalachia.

Professional activities
I am a professional forager and artist in the Asheville area.

Why Appalachian studies? 
I love Appalachia and I will always live in Appalachia. I believe in bioregional studies and the importance of culture and place based learning.

Why did you choose Appalachian State University for your graduate education? 
For me, this program allowed me to pursue my very specific area of research in an academic world that seems to eschew specialization more and more each year. I love the fact that I can take classes in many different departments and fully take advantage of the truly interdisciplinary nature of our studies.

Department: Appalachian Studies

Email address: Email me