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Welcome to the Future of Appalachia

The Appalachian Studies Academic Program, in partnership with the Center for Appalachian Studies, coordinates curriculum, research and community engagement relating to the Appalachian Mountain region. Through course work, collaborative research and mentoring relationships, students acquire a broad understanding of the Appalachian Mountain region and develop applied skills that translate academic learning into careers and regional service.

At the graduate level, we create an interdisciplinary learning environment that encourages students to develop targeted programs of study specific to their individual educational goals. We offer internships and other training opportunities that lead to meaningful careers within and beyond the Appalachian region.


Graduate Degree, Certificates, and Minor

Master of Arts in Appalachian Studies

An interdisciplinary graduate program offering cross-cultural learning and applied career training through engaged research, internships, outreach and classroom-based programming. The MA program partners with the Center for Appalachian Studies, a regionally recognized hub of learning on the Appalachian Mountain region whose resources include the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection and the peer-reviewed Appalachian Journal. Students in the MA program choose between two concentrations:

1. Appalachian Culture and Music Concentration

The Appalachian Culture and Music concentration focuses on scholarship and research in the social sciences, humanities and fine and applied arts, seeking to deepen understanding of the Appalachian socio-cultural and historical experience.

2. Sustainability in Appalachia Concentration

The Sustainability in Appalachia concentration is based on applied research and interdisciplinary course work spanning social and natural sciences as well as the humanities. It provides a foundation for students to meet the needs of present generations without compromising future generations, giving students the skills and knowledge to develop sustainable solutions for peoples and environments threatened by unsustainable practices not only in Appalachia, but also on the national and international levels.

On Campus Graduate Certificate (non-degree) in Appalachian Studies 

The Graduate Certificate is designed for students interested in gaining sophisticated knowledge of the Appalachian Mountain region. By enhancing the ability to work in a professional and culturally informed way in addressing local and regional issues, this certification will be useful to future and current professionals working in education, government, business, travel and tourism, and cultural programming.

Online Graduate Certificate (non-degree) in Appalachian Studies

Graduate Minor in Appalachian Studies

The Graduate Minor in Appalachian studies is available to students enrolled in any graduate program at Appalachian State University. Graduate students in English, history, political science, and other programs find this course of study complementary to their academic interests and career plans.

Undergraduate Minors

Global Curriculum in Appalachian Studies