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Whitney Kimball Coe 2008, has taken a position at the Center for Rural Strategies in Knoxville, TN.
Erica Collins 2000, is working on completing her MS in biology at ASU and is also beginning seminary studies this fall at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. She lives in Todd, NC, with her partner, Julie.
Nancy Collins 1999, has changed her name to "Anita Mann," and is thoroughly enjoying her new job at Sherwin Williams, where she's fulfilling her life-long dream to be a mountain mover and "shaker." Still lazy after all these years, she can sometimes be spotted wandering the ASU campus looking for a parking place, and/or dodging UFO's. Her greatest accomplishment in life (thus far) is the not-one, not-two, but THREE tickets she has successfully wormed her way out of. She would like to thank the ASU Parking Nazi's and her parole officer for their support.
Dare Cook 2005, is working at the NCSU Graduate School ( in admissions. She has been accepted this fall into the Ph.D. program in Psychology in the Public Interest with a focus on Community Psychology.
Dave Cozzo 1999,  is now Dr. Dave. He is the Project Director for the Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources ( and, with intensive training in yogic breathing, he will soon be able to say his title in one breath.
Aaron Davis 2005, has been working at the Southwest Virginia Museum Historical State Park since May 25th, 2011. He accepted the position of Chief Ranger-Interpreter (Education/Program Director in non-state-park terms), effective July 25th, 2011. As opposed to many state parks, which focus on nature-based programming, this site focuses on cultural/historical programming, which is right up his |
Dottie Demarest 1999, is the Genealogy and Local History librarian with the East Central Georgia Regional Library System, living in Augusta, Georgia. Genealogy and Local History, East Central Georgia Public Library, 902 Greene St., Augusta, GA 30901 | 706.821.2600 | Fax 706.821.2629 |
Farlow Cameron Farlow is the Farm Programs Coordinator for the Organic Growers School in Asheville, North Carolina. She organizes a network of experienced, beginning, apprentice, and aspiring farmers from across Western North Carolina in a comprehensive training program designed to mentor and teach the next generation of farmers the skills of farm operation as well as the art and science of sustainable agriculture. She is al- so the Land Access Coordinator for Western North Carolina FarmLink working to match farmers seeking land with landowners hoping to keep their land in agriculture for lease or sale.

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