Living Learning CenterThe Center for Appalachian Studies, an interdisciplinary program of the College of Arts and Sciences at Appalachian State University, was established in 1978 to coordinate and promote academic programs, public programs, and research activities on the Appalachian Mountain region. Built on the good work of generations of Appalachian scholars, including folklorist Amos Abrams and Cratis Williams, considered the father of Appalachian studies, the Center works to illuminate and sustain the region's rich history, cultures, communities, and ecology.

The Center coordinates coursework leading to the first Master of Arts Degree in Appalachian Studies in the nation (1980). The degree has two concentrations: 1) Appalachian Culture and Music and 2) Sustainability in Appalachia. We also offer a graduate certificate and a graduate minor in Appalachian studies and undergraduate minors in Appalachian Studies and Appalachian Music. In the university's General Education program, we offer an Integrative Learning Experience theme called Appalachian Mountains: Community, Culture, and Land with courses in history, geology, literature, music, sociology, and Appalachian studies. The Center encourages research and collaborative projects with local scholars, community groups, and other organizations concerned with the region's past, present, and future.

The Appalachian studies faculty is drawn from fourteen academic departments across campus and together with the Appalachian Journal and the W. L. Eury Appalachian Collection comprise important resources for the study of Appalachia and other mountain regions.

The Center for Appalachian Studies is located in the Living Learning Center (Living Learning Academic building) at 305 Bodenheimer Drive, Boone, NC 28608.


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Dr. William R. Schumann
Center Director
LLA 110

Dr. Dave H. Wood
Academic Program Director
LLA 109

Ms. Teri Goodman
Administrative Assistant
LLA 112A

305 Bodenheimer Drive
Living Learning Center
Living Learning Academic Bldg
Room 112A
PO Box 32018
Boone, NC 28608-2018

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