Dave Wood


  • Ph.D., 2015, Brown University, Ethnomusicology
  • M.A., 2009, Appalachian State University, Appalachian Studies
  • B.A., 2005, College of William and Mary, Music

Research Interests

My dissertation research examines the correlation of musical structure, affect, and personality factors in the Appalachian old-time music revival community, and this is indicative of my general interest in a cognitive approach to ethnomusicology. More broadly, I have explored the relationship between music and emotion cross-culturally, the evolutionary origins of music, and implicit musical knowledge in music production and reception from an interdisciplinary perspective. From a humanistic standpoint, I am interested in the uses of audio technology, musical taste and identity, musical appropriation, traditional music preservation initiatives, and music from Appalachia and the American South.

Current Courses

  • AS2016: Appalachian Music
  • AS2200: Appalachian Stories
  • AS5000: Bibliography and Research
Title: Instructor in Appalachian Studies
Department: Appalachian Studies & Hayes School of Music

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-7199