Josh McClenney

Undergraduate institution, year, and major 
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, History (American) and Media Production

Concentration in our program (culture and music or sustainability) 
Culture and Music

Area(s) of research interest 
The role of sports in rural communities, both in building a sense of community and promoting social change.

Topic of thesis and/or description of internship(s)
The role of baseball in Appalachia as being an active promoter of social change.

Why Appalachian studies? 
Being interdisciplinary allows us to examine Appalachia from so many different angles/methodologies.

Why did you choose Appalachian State University for your graduate education? 
ASU provided a small program with a great group of faculty that allow a lot of flexibility to take courses both focused on sustainability and culture/music. The program also does a great job at placing graduates in great programs to further their academic studies.

Department: Appalachian Studies

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